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chinese_majors's Journal

Chinese Majors
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This is a community for undergraduate and graduate Chinese majors to connect with each other and to share information and advice. Although many Asian Studies students take up Japanese (a beautiful language, by the way), this community is made to discuss the study of China/Chinese only. Many other communities about Japanese language and literature exist on LiveJournal, and we encourage you to find them. Please join this community if you are:

* Searching for colleges/universities that would allow you to major/minor in Chinese (or a China-specific field)
* Considering majoring or minoring in Chinese (or a China-specific field)
* Currently majoring or minoring in Chinese (or a China-specific field)
* A college graduate who majored/minored in Chinese (or a China-specific field)
* Considering graduate studies in Chinese (or a China-specific field)
* Pursuing study abroad opportunities in China through a college or university

Community Rules & Guidelines

* Please introduce yourself in your first post and explain your experience relating to the study of the Chinese language. It is not necessary for you to post personal or identifying information (where you live, go to school, etc).
* Not everyone has access to high-speed connections. Therefore, all photographs (limit 600 x 600) must be behind a cut.
* If you are posting about a particular program, please provide a link.
* If you are posting information that you found online, please provide a link.
* Posts in Chinese characters are welcome. English translations, though not required, would be nice. Some of our members might be just starting their study of Chinese.

Please Refrain From:

* Posting Chinese characters that end up garbled / represented by random symbols or boxes.
* Poor grammar & spelling, including the use of internet slang.
* Lack of proper capitalization and punctuation.
* Advertising your community here (that includes "x-posted to..." notes).
* Mean-spirited snarking & general asshattery.
* Off-topic posts (not related to studying Chinese in college / grad school or academic study abroad in China).
* Failing to give proper credit to text that you did not create yourself (such as program descriptions taken from a website).
* Naming specific people in academia (your classmates and professors, for instance).
* Less-than-constructive criticism of university departments, programs, or study abroad opportunities.
* Asking us to do an entire homework assignment for you.

It is your responsibility to read the Community Rules & Guidelines to ensure that your posts are within the boundaries of this community. If you fail to follow the guidelines, your post may be removed. Repeat offenders will be removed from the community with the greatest of speed.

Your friendly moderator, zhongwen_laoshi, is here to assist you. The exits are to the front and rear of the cabin. Enjoy your stay!